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Exhibition: Living Sculpture (Virtual) by Laurence Payot

Hosted by Laurence Payot

Living Sculpture (Virtual) is a new artwork by Liverpool-based artist Laurence Payot which invites travellers to experience an unexpected symbiotic relationship with each other and the artwork.

The wooden sculpture incorporates digital technologies with a Victorian magic trick called Pepper’s Ghost, to create fabric-like holographic forms that temporarily connect visitors. As they place their hands within, floating particles respond to their movements creating the illusion of a drapery magnetised and tamed by their fingers.

With this artwork, Payot questions how to re-inject a sense of physicality into an increasingly digital world, turning invisible human connections into seemingly tactile exchanges.

image of child interacting with exhibit   

As the artist explains: “Since I started working in York together with the Ewan Minter and Pr. Michael Brockhurst, I have been thinking about how to create sculptures that can be a sort of host, and people could become symbionts who come to inhabit the sculptures. With this comes the idea that the sculptures wouldn’t just be still, they would start living and breathing with the people within them. I put the sculptures and people in a space and see what happens. What excited me most about showing the work in Crewe Station is the fact that strangers might come together for a moment to experience the work. I love places of transition, when you’re shifting from one place to another. This is also what the work is about: communication, connections, encounters.”

If you are not travelling through the station and would like to attend the exhibition as an individual,  a group or with students it is essential to book in advance to arrange access to Crewe Railway Station – call or text 07580 860070.


10 March– 7 April, Crewe Train Station, Paltform 6

Daily 9AM – 6PM Except: 19 March, 1 April. Closes 4pm on 4 April

picture of artist Laurence Payot

Payot was awarded the prestigious SkyArts Ignition: Futures Fund, a one-year bursary by the TV channel SkyArts, and was shortlisted for the Liverpool Art Prize 2013.

Her projects Re-Presentation, I Thought It was Real, Coincidence, and Living Sculptures have all received Arts Council England funding.

Her work, which exists on the edge of fine art and performance, has been commissioned by renowned museums, galleries and live art festivals, including the Pompidou Centre-Metz (France), Tate Modern, Liverpool Biennial (UK) and the Belluard Bollwerk International (Switzerland).

Born in France, Laurence Payot is currently based at The Royal Standard studios in Liverpool, UK