Digital Arts & Creative Technology

Pollution Explorers

Hosted by IDST!

Pollution Explorers is a participatory project exploring air quality issues through people’s subjective perception and wearable technology.

IDST! invites the Macclesfield community to take part in a workshop to co-design wearable tools and sensors to make sense of complex issues around air pollution. Explore our collective responsibility and capacity in tackling air quality issues through the wearable tools intended to help record your subjective experience of the quality of air in the environment using low tech wearable devices that monitor their body gestures.

With a general interest in air quality issues, you will help us co-create certain elements of the wearables and explore ways to categorise the widely varying qualities of air and how people react to them in the form of body gestures. Following this, you will then help co-create a set of body gestures that can best capture and represent those descriptions.

*The workshops are designed to be informal, participants do not require any expertise or skills.

Pollution Explorers has been commissioned by STARTS, a European residency programme which organises collaborations between artists and tech projects. Pollution Explorers is designed by Ling Tan as part of Umbrellium, based on technological elements from hackAIR, with the support of FutureEverything.

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