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Regina Vs Turing & Murray

Hosted by Re-Dock

Regina Vs Turing & Murray – artist collective Re-Dock present a new piece of work utilising Virtual Reality (VR) experiences reflecting on the trial of Alan Turing here at the court in Knutsford, commissioned in partnership with Heritage Open Days.

Sixty-five years ago this spring, Alan Turing was found guilty of gross indecency and handed down a sentence of chemical castration.  This newly commissioned theatrical and immersive work from Re-Dock (working with the local community and LGBTQ artists) will offer visitors the chance to experience the trial in the very courtroom in Knutsford where it originally took place. The play will combine a traditional theatrical setting with virtual reality opportunities, enabling visitors to explore different viewpoints of the trial and of Turing’s work.

Heritage Open Days commission Re-Dock in collaboration with SHIFT and The Courthouse Hotel (Knutsford). Supported by Knutsford Promenade Association.


Virtual Reality (VR) Exhibition and Performance 7 – 10 September 2017

The Courthouse, Knutsford

VR Exhibition runs 10am-5pm daily with breaks for performances and talks.

The VR experience consists of three headsets with experiences from the perspectives of Turing, Murray and the Judge. If you wish to experience the VR before or after a performance  between 10am – 5pm please arrive early as there may be a short wait.

Please note the VR experience is a separate experience that complements the live performance. Both the play and the VR can be experienced independently of each other, however if you are able to see both this offers a fuller experience of the work. Please note the VR experience is not available during the performance, and is a drop in activity (not bookable). The films last approximately 5 minutes each.

Performances: Friday 7pm, Saturday 2pm & 7pm.

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SHIFT and Heritage Open Day have commissioned artist collective Re-Dock to create a new commission responding to the former Sessions House in Knutsford, Cheshire East.

The commission consists of two parts, the first, an exhibition featuring a virtual reality interpretation of the court case featuring leading figures within the trial of Alan Turing and Arnold Murray. The second,  a live performance based on the trial that took place at the Sessions House in March 1952. Working with communities in Cheshire East and LGBTQ artists across Greater Manchester, Re-Dock will create a play about Turing’s trial. This acts as a catalyst to explore ideas of discrimination, judgment, legality and equal rights.