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VR experience not to be missed

Virtual Reality Experience comes to Knutsford

Blue logo for the VR Experience

Experience the trial of Alan Turing and Arnold Murray interpreted from their point of view in the very courtoom setting where sentencing took place 65 years ago.

The VR experience comprises three 360° narrative shorts told from various viewpoints. Members of the public are able to stand in the courtroom and in the shoes of others. Stand at the dock to see Turing’s and Murray’s thoughts, sit on the Judge’s bench to listen to his internal monologue. The technology brings multiple perspectives to life, augmenting the experience with abstract thoughts and patterns inspired by Turing’s morphogenesis theories. It is open throughout the duration of the festival when the play is not being performed.

Even if you have tickets for the SOLD OUT performaces you can still take part in the VR experience which offers a different experience to the performance.


Monologues from Turing, Murray and Judge Harrison are availabe on the VR experience

Robert Burton – Alan Turing

An image of Robert Burton who portrays Alan Turing

Robert Burton is a chartered architect practicing in Manchester, and in his private time he is passionate about drama and the theatre. Originally from Grappenhall, Robert studied in Huddersfield and Liverpool, and has a keen interest in science. Robert has been inspired and moved for many years by the achievements and tragedy of Alan Turing, a man whose character Robert has a close affinity with. Robert is immensely proud to be portraying Alan Turing in this drama, depicting the trial in the very courtroom where the real events unfolded.

Sam Rees – Arnold Murray

Image of Sam Rees who plays Arnold Murray in the performance

Sam is currently in his last year of sixth-form at Knutsford Academy. Outside of studying he enjoys; having an active interest in drama & acting, practicing his guitar and listening to music. He has done many school and amateur performances, making this Sam’s first theatrical performance outside of school. He is very happy to take part in the performance, and hopes others will find it eye-opening and enjoyable.

Graham Cliffe – Judge J. Fraser Harrison

Image of Graham Cliffe who portrays Judge Harrison in the performance

Graham was born and educated in Huddersfield before attending Manchester University where he read law from 1966-69. After being admitted as a solicitor he practised for 16 years before being appointed to the Bench. Graham dealt with a variety of work including 10 years as a Designated Family Judge in North Yorkshire where he dealt principally with serious cases of child abuse. Graham retired from the North-Eastern Circuit in 2013. He has been the legal advisor for this production.




Times / Dates

7th September – 10 – 5

8th September –  10 – 3

9th September – 10 – 1, 3:30 – 5:30

10th September – 10 – 5



The Courthouse Hotel
Toft Road, Knutsford
WA16 0PB

There is no parking at the venue however there are plenty of car parks within a short walking distance