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Regina Vs Turing and Murray

This September artist collective Re-Dock presented a new immersive play using Virtual Reality (VR) experiences reflecting on the trial of Alan Turing at the court in Knutsford.

Sixty-five years ago this spring, Alan Turing was found guilty of gross indecency and handed down a sentence of chemical castration.  You can watch a recording of the Re-Dock play, that was made with the local community and LGBTQ artists, in the very courtroom in Knutsford where it originally took place.

In addition to the play there were three virtual reality opportunities, exploring different viewpoints of the trial and of Turing’s work.

From Alan Turing’s perspective:

Arnold Murray monologue:

And Judge Fraser monolgue:

Heritage Open Days commission Re-Dock in collaboration with SHIFT and The Courthouse Hotel (Knutsford). Supported by Knutsford Promenade Association.