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Virtual Reality February Half Term

This February we toured some of the libraries across Cheshire East (we visited Nantwich, Sandbach, Congleton, Holmes Chapel, Bollington and Knutsford) over February half term with our Virtual Reality (VR) playground.

SHIFT is working with Dr Jess Symons, a Creative Economy Fellow at the University of Manchester who is using VR as a tool to investigate how to connect rural areas with the creative digital sector.

Over the week about 100 people tried the HTC Vive headset with Google Tiltbrush for the first time – ranging in all ages from kids to grandparents, and from all different backgrounds.  They were all fascinated by the chance to “draw with light” (imagine writing with a sparkler on bonfire night except the light stays and you can walk around it…)

Everyone said it was “amazing”, “brilliant”, “we loved it” and “we could have stayed all day”.

It is really quick to learn how to do it – within 30 seconds of putting the headset on and being shown how to use the controllers, people are already drawing and creating.

Jess is also setting up a VR research cluster at the university. With this and with us in Cheshire East, she will be asking questions like:

What is the emerging field of virtual reality (VR) and what are the opportunities for North West in developing an expertise in the area?

What are the challenges for organisations in recruiting and retaining talent, product and service development, client sales and delivery?

billy2What are the barriers and opportunities for people wanting to work in the creative digital sector

What support can public and third sector organisations provide in the development of the creative digital sector?

How do I know that I even have the potential to work in the creative digital sector and VR specifically?

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