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Hosted by PHILPOTT design production

Digital performance and workshop

On Friday 20 October, Wilmslow Library are excited to host Ada.Ada.Ada. for local schools.

Ada Lovelace wrote the world’s first complex algorithm in 1843 and then was written out of history.

Ada.Ada.Ada. is a high impact performance that tells the story of Ada using an LED dress operated by a wearable tech satin glove. Further details to follow.


About the show

Ada.Ada.Ada is written, directed and designed by Zoe Philpott in collaboration with world leading technologist and founder of Hackspace London, Charles Yarnold, and associate AV designers to the National Theatre: Helen Atkinson and Matt Haskins.


04 ADA in performance

The way people use libraries is changing. Libraries are evolving into a place of personal and collaborative exploration. A place that welcomes the tools of digital learning as well as from books. A place conducive to hands on learning through workshops and performances. It is the goal of the Arts Council of England to facilitate this evolution through grant funding of innovative projects that bring a new life to libraries. And it was this life that the Arts Council recognized in Ada.Ada.Ada.

Created by Philpott Design, Ada.Ada.Ada is a high impact performance that is combating the gender and skills gap in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Using the words of Ada Lovelace, an LED dress and half a kilometer of string, Ada.Ada.Ada brings a powerful interactive performance to embolden its audience, especially women and girls, to be more ‘Ada’ and get creative with science, technology, engineering and maths in the pursuit of STEM careers.

05 ADA in business

With the help of a Grant for the Arts from the Arts Council of England, Ada.Ada.Ada is trailblazing the new idealism for libraries that the Council envisions with a library tour from October to December this year. Ada.Ada.Ada will utilize the local connections of libraries to bring this free innovative experience to a diverse audience across England. Libraries will open the door for the Ada show into underserved and remote communities where the tools the show provides could be pivotal to an audience that may not have experienced much technology and never something like Ada.Ada.Ada before.

Director of Libraries for the Arts Council, Brian Ashley remarked on the importance of this best, “Libraries are there for everyone, but their special role in helping people overcome disadvantage is second to none. They are the gateway to opportunity.”

Ada.Ada.Ada will change the way these communities use their libraries by strengthening their connection to each other. Along with the performance, the Ada show works with each library to create a personalized activity programme that serves as a hub for local schools and community groups to engage widress artwork verticalth. The Ada.Ada.Ada. tour will showcase just how versatile library spaces have become. From the interactive show, to “Electronic/Wearable Tech Workshops” where children can play with conductive paint and LEDs to create paper, wearable tech costumes for Ada.

By touring in libraries, the inspiring message of Ada.Ada.Ada is free and accessible to all audiences. The life of this spellbinding show will bring the excitement of never ending discovery back into communities, and back into the libraries they are so tied to.